The new WB Fall Lineup was announced today. Read on for more.

The biggest thing I see is that we now have two nights of Smallville. The press release states that Sunday night’s Smallville (called “Smallville: Beginnings”) is the first two seasons, re-aired. I like that idea. Additionally, Smallville is moving to the same night as Angel – Wednesday. Looks like a fun night for our resident reviewers.
New to the schedule is Tarzan, coming on immediately after Charmed (which comes on after the Smallville reruns) which looks like (from the description) half-naked Batman. We shall see.
Other genre shows (I think) include “Fearless”, about a special police unit that includes a woman born with a defect preventing her from experiencing fear (not entirely sure if this is Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or just something that’s unusual)
Alright people, let’s start the discussion!