Harry Potter Teaser Trailer

The inevitable teaser for “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is online for your viewing pleasure, if you can get in — the site seems more than a little lagged. In other news, series author J.K. Rowling was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles. Hey, if it gets kids to pick up a book instead of a Gameboy, I’m all for it.

3 replies on “Harry Potter Teaser Trailer”

  1. Looks pretty slick
    And hats of to J.K. Rowling for getting kids to do something our outdated school system has failed to do for half a century…read a book.

  2. The Trailer
    The trailer is wonderful! It looks like Columbus and crew have done a great job. Everything looks “right”,

    though the nitpicking has already started on the messages boards at harrypotter.com. (“Weren’t they supposed to have their robes off before they got off the train?”)

    Guess I’ll be lining up on Nov 16th, with children in hands….

  3. Trailer
    I must say that I loved the trailer, almost everyone looked like they did in my mind from the books. The only (admittedly slight) problem i had was the actor i think was playing Snape. He looked a little too goofy and not mean enough, but that could just be me. All in all, looks like we might have a winner!

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