ST: Series V

Billy writes, This is as ever unconfirmed, but theres a story here with some more concrete rumours/insider info. I think it could be dodgy, unless the writers are fans of bad 80s bands (T’Pau the vulcan..?) The fact that they claim it happens on an Enterprise, without Robert April at the helm in the prequel series does seem a bit odd. It’s an interesting read, but don’t bet on this panning out.

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  1. My Opinion
    This is most likely a hoax being played on all of us. “Sub-Commander”? What kind of rank is that? None of the pieces seem right. I’d take this all with a large chunk of Halite.

  2. ST: Series V
    I agree this has to be bogus. If it not I will have to build a robot to “Crush…Kill…Destroy” the producers.

  3. Holes you could fly Kirk’s ego through
    Well, it doesn’t take more than a casual read of the

    character list to put this one away as a hoax…

    Captain Archer – the most plausible of the lot

    Sub-Commander T’Pau – I can see the rank; she’s not

    Star Fleet, and the Romulans use sub-commander. The

    name is the problem, it’s already been used.

    Commander Tucker – disarming country persona;

    been there done that.

    Doctor Phlox – exotic alien. Sure, an alien we won’t

    see or hear of 100+ years later (TOS, TNG, etc.)

    Lieutenant Mayweather – the “trader” background is a

    cool idea, but the bit with him and Tucker being best

    buds is as heavy-handed as Roddenberry ever got.

    Lt. Commander Reed – Blackadder Goes To Space

    Ensign Sato – reasonable, though you think she’d get

    some therapy…

    Silik – see Doctor Phlox.

    The rest – standard cardboard stand-ups

    I think it’s pretty unlikely we’ll see a series set

    earlier than TOS. Do you think they’ll throw out the

    ability to draw on everything that’s come before, as

    well has having to go for more primitive tech? (and

    therefore, less technobabble?)

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