J. Michael Strazcynski’s Supreme Power, originally announced for July 16, was mysteriously absent from the July solicitations. JMS himself answers questions about the delay in the rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe newsgroup, and has granted permission to quote his response here, which you’ll find below. Short version: the postponement until August 6 was done for promotional reasons, and should be the only delay we see in the title all year.

Thus spake JMS:

I noticed that it wasn’t in the July previews, after it had been set for July
16th, and inquired of Marvel because we’re well ahead on art and scripts (I’m
working on issue 5 at the moment).

They explained that they’d wanted to debut the comic at Wizard Con (either
Philly or Chicago, I can’t now remember), but since I couldn’t make it, they
pushed the debut to August 6th, which allows us to get even further ahead on
scripts. Once it hits the ground, we won’t have any basis for missing any pub
dates for at least half a year, if not more.