August looking good for comics

At least three of Wizard’s picks of the year will be hitting shelves this August. The official order forms won’t be online until tomorrow, but you can bet that I’ll be ordering the following to review for our fine readers. Read on for further details, and some preview images.

From DC, we have the first issue of Superman / Batman, written by Jeph Loeb with Ed McGuinness art. In the first story arc, the two cornerstones of the DC Universe decide that Lex Luthor’s Presidency is unacceptable. I’m in for that one on August 20.

From Marvel, we’ve got the first issue of J. Michael Strazcynski’s Supreme Power, the MAX line (ie. adults only) update of the Squadron Supreme. This hits on August 6, with art by Gary Frank.

Rounding off the triumvirate is the first issue of the 1602 miniseries, with script by Niel Gaiman (author of the recently reviewed American Gods and co-author of Good Omens. It has art by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove, the same team that worked on Origin. Plot details have been kept as quiet as possible, but a three page preview was just released by Marvel. Check out the pages below.

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