Marvel’s Updated Trade Paperback Schedule

The X-Fan forums have an updated list of forthcoming Marvel trade paperbacks. Much of this information will be out of date when it sees publication, but it’s nice to see. (Some of it is out of date now; the Ultimate Adventures trade paperback is listed as coming out before the final issue in the miniseries/first story arc is released.) All trades for Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates, Ultimate Adventures, Fantastic Four (written by Mark Waid), and Exiles will be reviewed here. I’m still debating about whether or not I should bother to review the Ultimate Mary Jane novel if it comes out in softcover. Since I’ve never been (and presumably never will be) a teenage girl, I may be completely unable to connect to the character and target audience. I’ll get it in paperback if you people ask me to.

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  1. Site Down
    Did we SlashDot them? Probably not, but I’ll bask in the ego boost anyway. :)

    • Re: Site Down

      Did we SlashDot them? Probably not, but I’ll bask in the ego boost anyway. :)

      They have a remarkably slow site that sometimes needs reloaded to make sense of anything. Today’s the day the August lists come out too (although the DC and Image lists were leaked yesterday) so they are experiencing unusually high traffic.

      • Re: Site Down
        Alls I have ta say is:

        Johnny Storm: I’m sure he (Onslaught) is tough by your (X-men) standards…

        Ironically, he was right. They had to gimp the FF to get them to “lose” to move the story forward. A typical foe is on the order of this Jean Gray Phoenix thing. Who wants to watch little men lift little weights?

        The only thing is, I stopped buying FF and Hulk a few years ago. The past few months I’ve been getting itchy, but scanning both magazines, I see entire issues go by without any fights at all. What’s up with that?

        I hope FF “Ultimate” is ultimate. But when you take on The Beyonder, Celestials, Galactus, and so on, you get a little jaded at things that make the X-men go “Ooooh!”

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