Trailer Park Tuesday – Dec 11, 2012

A couple of trailers rolled out and I thought you kids might want to have a look and comment. What do you think of these extended looks at Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger?

[Update: Adding G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Pacific Rim Trailers]

Man of Steel

The Lone Ranger

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Pacific Rim

14 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – Dec 11, 2012”

  1. I’m sure I’ll watch Man of Steel, but they need to stop with the constant reboots.

    We know who the characters are, just go with the Bond style and change the people, not the whole story.

    • Costume (in particular) is overwrought, and the opening looks like Smallville Redux, but the trailer has an interesting feel, and the film doesn’t pit Superman against Lex Luthor, Retail Mogul, so it has potential.

      I have less certainty about the Bruckheimered Lone Ranger. That’s one bizarre visual on Tonto, but who knows. Every time Depp speaks, I hear the Tonto from the old radio show: “You last ranger left. You…. lone ranger….”

  2. I’m cautiously optimistic about Man of Steel. I hesitate because of Superman Returns, which had an excellent first act, a flawed second act, and fell apart in the third act. This trailer is lots of first act and very little from the rest of the movie. That’s usually how I like my trailers (to avoid spoilers) but here it just serves to keep me from getting extremely excited. Regardless, I’ll be there to watch it for a review opening night (June 14) and will be podcasting about it for December 14.

    As for The Lone Ranger, it has promise, and the concept has a lot of potential, but the production style shown in the trailers is very much geared for 3D gimmickry. I’m worried that will be detrimental to the film as a whole.

    • The Man of Steel trailers just feel so much like Superman Returns and that movie was very disappointing. They need to put out a trailer with a bunch of explosions and action. These talky talky trailers are making me nervous.

      As for The Lone Ranger. That movie looks like it could be fun to watch. The style there is so evocative of the style of the Pirates movies, which I generally liked.

  3. Oh and one other thing.

    How the heck does Superman shave? Kryptonite infused razor?

    Supe’s never had facial hair in the movies before (I don’t know about in the comics).

    • Yeah, he did the reflected heat vision thing with a mirror. I do seem to remember him growing a beard at some point. I think he did it in Kingdom Come when he was trying to be a farmer, and didn’t he do it (in the late 80s/early 90s after the Crisis reboot) when he left Earth after killing the Kryptonians who were from a pocket universe?

  4. superman always gets me right in the heartstrings, y’know? the whole “I am the most powerful being on the planet. I could rule you all. but I was raised to believe in something more than that” subtext


    “when we are done killing monsters…there will be cake…”

  5. Lone Ranger: Looks decent, but also full of needless 3D exploitation shots.

    G.I. Joe: Trailer doesn’t look quite as good as the first movie, but probably still a half-decent popcorn flick.

    Pacific Rim: This trailer is a hell of a lot better than the previous one I saw. And I find it hard to believe GLaDOS is fighting on our side. Aliens would totally make better test subjects.

    • G.I. Joe: Trailer doesn’t look quite as good as the first movie, …

      That first movie was really, really bad. They set an exceedingly low bar there, and this looks much worse. Add the last minute rescheduling by a full year, throwing all merchandising contracts and deals into panic mode, literally wasting millions of dollars, for a last minute 3D conversion. To me, that smells of panic, expecting the movie to get destroyed by “Avengers” and “Dark Knight Rises,” and looking to postpone it to a less competitive summer in the hopes of salvaging what they can. I do not expect to see a third film in the franchise.

      • For what it was, mindless action, the first movie I found to be acceptable in its role. I wasn’t expecting anything close to Avengers-like quality. I wouldn’t buy the DVD/Blu-Ray, but I also don’t regret having watched it.

        So it lies somewhere firmly between “OK” and the atrocity that was Skyline.

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