Silver Screen Superman Podcast #1: The Fleischer Cartoons

The first Superman podcast is up and ready for a listen. It can be accessed directly or through our iTunes feed later today. (It doesn’t seem accessible right now, but it should be.) Now that the feed has content, I’ll also make direct links to the feed and submit it to iTunes as well. UPDATED: The dedicated Silver Screen Superman feed is now accessible through iTunes and/or RSS.

3 replies on “Silver Screen Superman Podcast #1: The Fleischer Cartoons”

  1. Good stuff– though other sources say the Star became the Planet because of the strip. There were many papers called the Star, and papers, in competition with a Star, that happened to run Superman didn’t want readers to imagine Clark Kent worked for their competitor.

    • It could be. The timing would match quite perfectly though, since it was the Star in the comics until three months after the radio show hit. The paper then went unnamed for a year, as did the “Chief” editor, before the comics changed to match the radio.

  2. I probably should have included this link from the start: these cartoons are copyright expired and available via YouTube. That link starts with the first cartoon, but you can follow the chain through the sidebar through all 17 cartoons that we’ll discuss in January and February.

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