2 replies on ““Firefly” and “Dark Angel” on Space this fall”

  1. GrimSean says:

    It sounds like they are going to be replacing one of the afternoon Star Treks (Please oh Please replace Voyager) with Stargate, something which really needed to be done (FYI they start at 2:00 pm with TOS, and work their way through the other series to end with Voyager from 5-6 pm, and it – and only it – gets repeated at 10).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go be happy since I’LL GET TO WATCH FIREFLY AGAIN! (in ORDER and with MISSING EPISODES!)


  2. Alexius says:

    Oh, Canadia
    Dang You Canadians!!!

    Canada: Firefly
    US: Bush, Dick, And Colon

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