Silver Screen Superman 10: “Supergirl”

Superman’s cousin gets her turn at bat in a movie we discuss in this podcast. Join us next month for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

3 replies on “Silver Screen Superman 10: “Supergirl””

  1. JD DeLuzio says:

    I honestly didn’t see the “rapist” scene as vilifying all men. It’s analogous to scenes in Kick-Ass where Hit Girl beats up any number of men who assume she’s weak, or any number of scenes in Buffy. Superheroes have always been about wish-fulfillment, and the notion of being impervious to the dangers women and girls face has to be a pretty powerful fantasy. Now as for the rest of the film, I can only wish it had been even remotely as good as the first two Superman films.

  2. TheYellowLantern says:

    Better or worse than ‘Quest for Peace?’

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