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  1. For all the indications that he’s not Khan. What we’ve seen so far of the movie sure has more than few a homages to Star Trek II.

    That scene from the earlier trailer with the hands separated by the glass. Now this with two “federation” ships facing off in a Nebula no less. Plus the Enterprise being incapacitated and recovering to fight again being insinuated.

    I really really want the villain in this to end up being Kahn.

    • I’d actually prefer someone new, Khan was a one-off villain in TOS, it was Star Trek II that made him epic. The new movie will have to stand on its own regardless, I’d rather they try to make a new epic villain than risk screwing up the legacy of the last one.

    • I’m still undecided over how this is going to pan out. The easy solution would be that Cumberbatch is playing Khan and it’s a simple placeholder on the name, especially given the scenes that could have come straight from the original. There are two other possibilities I can think of though:

      Maybe the similarities are just a legacy from an original version of the script from when it really was supposed to be Khan before the deal with del Toro fell through and Cumberbatch was cast, but it really a new character.

      Alternatively, maybe we are still being faked out over the name of the big bad, but not that of Cumberbatch’s character and he is playing the “Vader” to someone else’s mostly (entirely?) off-screen “Emperor”/Khan. If Cumberbatch is playing Khan’s second in command that opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities, I think, including setting up the next movie by ending this one with Kirk yelling “Khaaaaan!” :)

    • I really don’t want the villain to be Khan. In this time line the SS Botany Bay is still floating around in space unfound. Kirk is also too inexperienced to have a Nemesis yet. Depending on how close this is time wise to the last one there is a lot of ground for Kirk to cover before he gets close to the level of establishment he had in the first series of TOS let alone how setup he was at ST2:TWOK.

      There is a ton of space to cover like introducing the Klingons or Romulans. What is the state of the federation where they only had the Enterprise left after the fleet was lost against Nero is the previous movie. Who is the right hand world going to be in the Federation now that Vulcan is kinda destroyed and there are few vulcans remaining accross the galaxy.

      Admiral Pike was in a wheel chair. Was that a temporary state as part of recovery or an actual permanent one. A villain from his past is to me more interesting that bringing back Khan now. ST2 set off a series of movies where ST3 and ST4 were direct sequels in a meaningful sense. I’m hoping they build up to Khan in 3 or so movies time and make him the epic encounter it deserves.

  2. They did Khan. Khan is done.

    Star Trek was never about “the next villain.” Its stories can have a villain, of course, but it would nice if the new franchise occasionally had an idea upon which a drama could be based.

    Am I the only one who wants an Easter Egg scene where the Botany Bay accidentally gets destroyed in the crossfire, so they can’t repeat a storyline that has already been handled just fine?

    • Am I the only one who wants an Easter Egg scene where the Botany Bay accidentally gets destroyed in the crossfire

      Perhaps you WERE the only one…. but now that you mention it; that WOULD be awesome.

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