TV Discussion: Orphan Black

We’ve hard four episodes so far of Orphan Black, the SF thriller about conspiracies and clones.

Has anyone been watching? What do we think?

5 replies on “TV Discussion: Orphan Black”

  1. Nothing special but watchable. So far it’s been very arc heavy but I don’t know if it will become more episodic once it settles in.

  2. I like it. I think Sarah has been getting off easy at some of the things she has been attempting but hopefully that gets addressed later on.

  3. Enjoyable, but not very much science (yet?) apart from the human cloning, and that is surely doable today other than the ethics issues. Less a SciFi show and more cop show meets mystery/conspiracy show, I think. Like Quantaman, I’ve been finding it very arc heavy, which is actually a pleasant change from many of today’s more formulaic “villain of the week” shows. Lots of throwaway scenes/lines I’ve picked up on make me think it might be headed into exploring some interesting philosophical and sociological areas in addition to the ethical questions.

    The trailers for the next episode seem to be hinting that the show will be getting more heavily into the conspiracy theory side of things soon, so I’m going to keep watching at least until I get a feel for which direction that is headed.

    • They have a good actress for this. The conspiracy plot could be amazing or it could be one of those ones thats only intresting until they explain it, then it turns stupid.

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