The Star Wars Kid

If you’re one of the people who hasn’t heard the saga of the Star Wars Kid, you can find a brief, well-written account (cough, cough) here. Elsewhere, there’s a petition to get the Kid a cameo in Episode III.

So, oh Bureau-ites…. What is the most bizarre part of this entire situation?

2 replies on “The Star Wars Kid”

  1. star wars kid
    this is the funniest story i heard all year. the star wars kid was embarressed, theres no arguement about that, and the teasing was fierce, but OMG, he needs mental help??? this is so lame and another case of the jstice system gone wrong. sure is has been hard on teh kid, and i feel sorry for him about that, but dont try to tell me that he has had to go and get help for this problem. it is SO lame, and another case of someoen trying a get-rich quick scheme.

  2. you retard
    how about you try going threw what he is you loser…
    its a good opputunity to get rich, and hell if your goofy like that and millions of people see it, it’s probably pretty damaging

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