Orphan Black Discussion: “Conditions of Existence”

Are we getting close to the sinister truth behind the Orphans’ existence?

4 replies on “Orphan Black Discussion: “Conditions of Existence””

  1. It’s very “Total Recall” with the inability to trust the people closest to them…

  2. I’m impressed the show keeps moving things along rather than falling into a regular pattern (they seem to have left the police station behind).

    • Good point, but I’m not so sure we’ve seen the last of the police station since the actor that plays Art is listed in the title credits and Sarah is still supposed to return that surveillance gear to Raj. There’s also the on-going investigation into the German clone’s murder that hasn’t really been resolved yet.

      That doesn’t mean that she’s going to go back and continue trying to pretend to be Beth the cop though, which would be pretty implausible anyway, but I think Art is going to end up knowing what’s going on sooner or later.

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