2 replies on “Game of Thrones – “The Rains of Castamere” Discusson”

  1. quantaman says:

    “I think, since the book is thirteen years old, we can dispense with spoiler tags in the comments.”

    Really? Even here I’d expect that most people watching the series haven’t read the books and would really prefer that future events of this magnitude are kept unspoiled. In fact I’d suggest that when people use the spoiler tag they be explicit about whether they’re spoiling this episode (why would you even read the comments), or if you’re discussing future events from the books.

  2. zocalo says:

    Well, that’s another theory from the books put to rest. Given GRRM’s habit of ambigously killing characters off the page there was some speculation that Robb’s wife (different in the book) and child might have survived the Red Wedding. It think it pretty clear from the show that wasn’t the case, so presumably there won’t be such a major discrepency with the books.

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