Hi all. All of the major networks now have their fall premier
schedules available, and they have been compiled into a single
list by the kind people at Ain’t It Cool News. I
should have time to review every new episode of one series this
fall, so keep reading to see what interests me, tell me what
interests you, and let me know what you want me to review.

The shows I’ve been watching this season which are still on the
schedule this fall are Angel, Smallville,
and Enterprise, in order of preference. All three are
on Wednesday nights this fall. I’ve been reviewing every
Smallville episode for the show’s second season
(with the exception of one episode reviewed by Hitchhiker while I
was out of town.)

This fall, I plan to continue watching those three shows (for a
while, at least; Enterprise is on the chopping block.)
However, my school schedule has me on campus until 9:30pm,
and it’s a 30 minute drive home, so there’s no way I can do the
same-night reviews I’ve managed this season. (The late night is
because of a lab portion of a film studies course, so we may get
some random reviews through the year from that.) My Tuesday
and Thursday schedules have me done on campus at 6:30pm,
and my Monday and Friday school schedules have me there until
1pm (although my part time job may tie up those evenings.) So,
Tuesday or Thursday will likely see the TV and movie reviews,
and Friday or Saturday will see the comic reviews this fall.

I have time to review one show. Which should it be? Continuing
the Smallville reviews means those reviews will be at
least one day late. Theangrymob will (presumably) continue the
excellent work he’s doing on the Enterprise reviews.
Do you want me to review Smallville,
Angel, Eliza Dusku’s Tru Calling (which
airs in an amazingly competitive Thursday night time slot on Fox),
or something else that strikes your fancy? Vote now, and I’ll tally
the results on Saturday, August 9 and declare a winner.