Minor Apologies Are In Order

I’m not at all certain what happened, but there was some corruption in the database that fiziko, He Who Sleeps Even Less Than I, spotted this morning. Approximately seven comments were lost in the process. Sorry, folks.

4 replies on “Minor Apologies Are In Order”

  1. hello
    dave, not trying to be an ass,

    (mostly just being bored

    and killing time while doing

    laundry and acting busy in the

    hopes that my mother’s cat,

    (who largely resembles

    queen slug-for-a butt)

    will leave me alone)

    (are you allowed to put

    parenthesis inside of other


    i know you can with mathematics,

    but is it proper for use in every-

    day english?

    oh, well, i forgot the point.

    i’m so bored.

  2. addendum
    i just remembered.

    isn’t it ‘apologies are an order’

    rather than ‘in order’?

    i’m so petty when i’m doing laundry.

  3. …huh…?
    It took me something like twelve readings of that to translate it into something my brain was able to parse. Too many parentheses. (I never took LISP for a reason.)

    Anyway. I believe the phrase derives from parliamentary procedure, where a certain action is either “in order” (permitted within the current context) or “out of order” (not permissible, duh).

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