Babylon 5 DVDs Delayed

JMS posted recently that the DVD releases of “In The Beginning” and “The Gathering” will be delayed by a month from previous schedules (I think this pushes ’em back to August). Read on for his very sound reasoning.

From: [email protected] (Jms at B5)
Subject: Re: Pending DVD release
Date: 10 Mar 2001 16:30:44 -0700

One aside…the release of the first DVD of “The Gathering” and “In the
Beginning” has been put back a month, at my request. There was apparently some
misunderstanding about which version of The Gathering to put out, and they were
going to do the original version rather than the re-edit (which would go for
the European market). They had already invested about $100,000 in copying
costs when I found out about this, and I asked if they could please reconsider
and do the re-edit instead. They finally agreed, which is commendable in the
extreme. It’ll add one month to the release schedule, but I’d rather have the
best version out there and wait the addtional 30 days.

I have to really thank WB for taking the time and spending the money to put out
the right version.


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  1. sweet
    sweet…. i didnt even know this was going to happen for sure… I definetly want the B5 movies!

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