Classic Doctor Who Poll: The Villains

Two years ago, we polled our readers about their favorite classic Doctor and their favorite stories for each Doctor to help those of us who started watching with the new series find good starting places for the classic series. With the 50th anniversary coming up on November 23 of this year, we’ll be doing similar polls here now. We are beginning with the villains. Please vote for your favorite villains and your favorite story with each villain. (Note: to keep things manageable, we only included those who appeared in more than one episode of the classic series.) Come back next week for a poll about the Doctor’s friends, allies and companions.

4 replies on “Classic Doctor Who Poll: The Villains”

    • I’m using this partly to prioritize my viewing order. I spent about 60% of my tax return on classic Doctor Who. 160 stories made, 150 available, 95 owned, 23 watched.

        • I’ve got 43 via iTunes (where they average $1.50/episode in Canada) and the rest on DVD. I didn’t get into Doctor Who until the relaunch, which was about six years after abandoning VHS. Most that are missing are missing everywhere. For example, the 19th story (“Mission to the Unknown”) is a single episode story, and the only episode I’m aware of with neither Doctor nor companions, and it simply doesn’t exist any more. The BBC of old had a policy of saving money by recording over old video with new shows once they felt those episodes were no longer needed. That’s part of the reason some episodes still have existing audio, but no video (see two parts of story 14, “The Crusade.”) Of those 150 available, some have been patched together, or even had animators step in to recreate (or, for “Shada,” story 109, actually finish) the original video.

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