Movie Discussion: After Earth

Reviews for After Earth have generally not been kind. The prize for abusive remarks may go to Kevin Carr of 7M Pictures, who compares the film to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video, “a bought-and-paid-for vanity piece for a spoiled teenager who probably doesn’t know any better.”

Still, the visuals look good, even if Shyamalan’s career trajectory doesn’t. Anyone feel like a discussion?

2 replies on “Movie Discussion: After Earth”

  1. From the previews, I had been somewhat interested to see this show. Then I found out M. Night directed it, so I think I’m gonna skip it.

    After watching his butchering of Last Airbender, I’ve kind of given up on him. How hard is it to bring a beloved cartoon to the screen and make buckets of money? Pretty impossible apparently. Although one indicator that you are going to royally screw up the translation was changing the pronunciation of the names of most of the main characters.

    Shyamalan’s career is pretty much over. To get me to one of his movies he’s going to have at least clear the 40’s in Rottentomatoes.

    • Career dives occur often enough, but, by George, it’s rare indeed when you see such a lauded director make so many dubious choices in a row.

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