Doctor Who poll results are in

In the past couple of weeks, we polled our readers about their favorite classic Doctor Who villains, companions, friends and other allies. The results of both polls are in.

The complete villain poll results are here, and the summary of the top story results is as follows:

Villain Top Story
Autons Spearhead from Space (Story 51)
Black Guardian Mawdryn Undead (Story 126)
Borusa The Five Doctors (Story 130)
Cybermen Tie: Earthshock (Story 122), Silver Nemesis (Story 154)
Daleks Tie: Genesis of the Daleks (Story 78), Remembrance of the Daleks (Story 152)
Davros Genesis of the Daleks (Story 78)
Sabalom Glitz Tie: The Ultimate Foe (Story 147), Dragonfire (Story 151)
Goth Tie: War Games (Story 50), Deadly Assassin (Story 88)
Great Intelligence Web of Fear (Story 41)
Ice Warriors Seeds of Death (Story 48)
Gustav Lytton Resurrection of the Daleks (Story 134)
Mara Kinda (Story 119)
Master Tie: The Sea Devils (Story 62), Logopolis (Story 116)
Meddling Monk The Time Meddler (Story 17)
Mortimus The Time Meddler (Story 17)
Ogron Day of the Daleks (Story 60)
Omega The Three Doctors (Story 65)
Rani Time and the Rani (Story 148)
Sil Vengeance on Varos (Story 139)
Silurian / Sea Devils Doctor Who and the Silurians (Story 52)
Sontaran The Time Warriors (Story 70)
Terrible Zodin The Five Doctors (Story 130)
Valeyard The Ultimate Foe (Story 147)
Yeti Web of Fear (Story 41)

The top classic Doctor Who villains, as chosen by our readers, are as follows:

  1. Daleks
  2. The Master
  3. Cybermen
  4. Tie: Ice Warriors / Sontarans
  5. Tie: Black Guardian / Silurians and Sea Devils
  6. Davros
  7. Tie: Great Intelligence / Meddling Monk / The Rani

The complete poll results for the companions, friends and allies can be found here. The top performers are summarized as follows:

Character Top Story
Susan Foreman The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Story 10)
Ian Chesterton The Chase (Story 16)
Barbara Wright Tie: The Aztecs (Story 6), The Chase (Story 16)
Vicki The Time Meddler (Story 17)
Stephen Taylor Tie: The Time Meddler (Story 17) and The Daleks’ Master Plan (Story 21)
Katarina The Daleks’ Master Plan (Story 21)
Sara Kingdom The Daleks’ Master Plan (Story 21)
Dodo Chaplet The War Machines (Story 27)
Ben Jackson Tie: The War Machines (Story 27), The Tenth Planet (Story 29), The Power of the Daleks (Story 30), The Underwater Menace (Story 32), The Moonbase (Story 33)
Polly Wright Tie: The Underwater Menace (Story 32) and The Moonbase (Story 33)
Jamie McCrimmon Tie: Tomb of the Cybermen (Story 23) and War Games (Story 50)
Victoria Waterfield The Ice Warriors (Story 39)
Zoe Heriot Tie: The Invasion (Story 46) and War Games (Story 50)
Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Inferno (Story 54)
John Benton Tie: The Three Doctors (Story 65) and Terror of the Zygons (Story 80)
Liz Shaw Doctor Who and the Silurians (Story 52)
Mike Yates Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Story 71)
Jo Grant Tie: Curse of Peladon (Story 61), The Three Doctors (Story 65) and The Green Death (Story 69)
Sarah Jane Smith Genesis of the Daleks (Story 78)
Harry Sullivan Genesis of the Daleks (Story 78)
Leela The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Story 91)
K-9 Tie: The Pirate Planet (Story 99), The Armageddon Factor (Story 103) and The Five Doctors (Story 130)
Romana I The Pirate Planet (Story 99)
Romana II Tie: Destiny of the Daleks (Story 104) and City of Death (Story 105)
Adric Earthshock (Story 122)
Nyssa Tie: Logopolis (Story 116) and Terminus (Story 127)
Tegan Jovanka Time-Flight (Story 123)
Vislor Turlough Frontios (Story 133)
Kamelion Planet of Fire (Story 134)
Peri Brown Caves of Androzani (Story 136)
Melanie Bush Tie: Time and the Rani (Story 148) and Dragonfire (Story 151)
Ace Tie: Remembrance of the Daleks (Story 152), The Curse of Fenric (Story 158)
Grace Holloway Doctor Who: The Movie (Story 160)

The most popular companions, friends and allies are as follows:

  1. Sarah Jane Smith
  2. Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
  3. Ace
  4. Tie: Leela, K-9, Romana II
  5. Nyssa
  6. Tie: Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot, Adric
  7. Romana I

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  1. Just a comment:
    My favorite Adric story was EarthShock because that is when he grew to his full potential.
    The rest of the Adric episodes… he was such a whiner.
    The original Mickey..

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