By now, most of us must be aware of the controversy surrounding PRISM, an online surveillance program run by U.S. intelligence, with the alleged cooperation of many web giants. Information and commentary may be found here, here, and—like PRISM itself– pretty much everywhere. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has disappeared into Hong Kong.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, while the story pales by comparison, I’m pairing this item with a creepy cosplay-related violation of rights, documented below (along with some general Newspace):

(ImageSolutions have since stopped selling the bodypillows)


In off-world news, we may be treated to a rare meteor sight tonight.

A Chinese capsule has launced on a fifteen-day mission.

Astronaut and Space Program Poster Boy Chris Hadfield has announced his retirement.

Justin Bieber plans to head into space with Virgin Galactic. Do I even have to make the joke?

And, just for fun: