Defiance: Season One

The videogame-inspired series has apocalyptic landscapes, aliens, monsters, and a really convoluted backstory. It ended its first season this week and has been renewed for another. Here’s the place to discuss your thoughts, feelings, observations, and speculations.

2 replies on “Defiance: Season One”

  1. I thought the whole thing was pretty mediocre. The characters didn’t pull me in, the world is probably better in the game than portrayed on screen, and the writing was trite and boring for the most part. I was thinking as I watched the final episode that the intro has a lot of cool Avatar-esque graphics that never appear in the show. The sci-fi aspects of the show are basically lost on the audience and “magic”. There doesn’t seem to be any consistent set of rules that govern the Defiance universe, just a few magic knives, doomsday weapons, and alien races (that are not sufficently fleshed out to make them seem non-human).

    It does seem like they’re going to have Datak Tarr “switch sides” as it were and probably be less of a douchebag, while his wife becomes the head douchebag of the family. I think that’s about the most interesting interpersonal dynamic in the show.

  2. All sorts of potential for stories in this world, but it just wasn’t working for me. Maybe it will be like NextGen, and find its way in the second season

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