Higher Education:

A team from the University of Toronto successfully launched a human-powered ‘copter, winning a prize that has remained unclaimed for three decades:

Meanwhile, another team of university students will be getting a lift from NASA later this month to see how fire burns in microgravity.

I’d love to go stargazing with you, but…

Ever wonder how to wash your hair in space? Astronaut Karen Nyberg shows you how.

I know rats can carry plague, but….

The U.S. Economic Development Administration spent a fortune destroying computers– including printers and mice– attempting to rid their system of suspected, commonplace, easily-purged viruses and malware. Tax dollars at work, in an agency designed to deal with economic issues.

The best thing since this long-neglected timeline?

If you haven’t stumbled on it yet, a blogger named Joe Negroni has folded all the Pixar films into one universe-building timeline.

Nerd love, Superman’s punch, and more, after the jump.

Nerdy Love Song by DeAnne Smith:

(Some lines may be moderately NSFW)

While a lesser-known fangirl sings about being a superhero:

Vsauce examines Superman’s punch:

And (of course) Cosplay, from Anime Expo 2013 in LA:

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  1. Forgot about that crossover timeline. When will it be updated again?

    The Pixar one is even more hilariously obsessive!

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