The 61st Annual World Science Fiction Convention, “Torcon3”, opens August 28 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and runs until September 1.

Guests of Honour include George R.R. Martin, Frank Kelly Freas, Mike Glyer, and toastmasters Spider and Jeanne Robinson. A zillion guests and panellists will appear, including Suzy Charnas, Julie Czerneda,Tanya Huff, China Miéville, Larry Niven, Fred Pohl, Terry Pratchett, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Silverberg, Melinda Snodgrass, Caro Soles…. And (cough)Timeshredder, who will appear on an obscure Saturday morning panel.

Anyone coming?

Yes, there will be discussing of SF writing, parading of fantasy costumes, creating of hypothetical aliens, and consuming of Saurian brandy. The Hugos will be awarded, as they have been at World Con since 1953. Most of the panels address SF writing and SF/fantasy issues, though popular SF/fantasy media won’t be ignored. Angel, Firefly, and Babylon 5 each receive a panel, and Buffy… gets a couple. Curiously (and despite the inexplicable nomination of episodes for Hugos) Enterprise is being ignored. Now I am by no means an insider with the scoop on why this should be, but Berman and Braga might want to consider whether this could be yet another clue-bat whacking them upside their heads.

If anything outstanding happens I will post here– and look for a Sunday morning report on the Hugos. I will also be adding some Con stuff at my site’s new section.

Finally, if you’re a Bureau42 regular and will be attending the Con, please contact me by e-mail (or look for the couple in the embarrassingly last-minute Lex Luthor and Supergirl outfits at Friday’s costume dance). We should get together.

Technogirl, you reading?