Big Podcast Project Announced via the Aw Yeah Podcast

We have a rather substantial, Doctor Who related podcast coming later this year. The official announcement and details have been released through my guest spot in episode 77 of the Aw Yeah! Podcast with Art, Franco and Johnny. I had a blast doing it, and I hope you enjoying listening to it.

3 replies on “Big Podcast Project Announced via the Aw Yeah Podcast”

  1. For those of us without easy audio access, can we get a text synopsis? You’re doing a Doctor Who podcast?

    • Yes, I’m doing Doctor Who: 50 in 50. Starting on October 5, we’ll be releasing 50 daily podcasts running through the classic series of Doctor Who, culminating (of course) on the 50th Anniversary on November 23.

  2. JD DeLuzio says:

    Canadian Thanksgiving, of course, occurs earlier because of the timing of the Harvest, “up north” and over in England. And, of course, the Pilgrims landed briefly at Provincetown first, and then Plymouth Rock.

    Weirdest comment for someone who didn’t hear the podcast (And pretty pointless if you did)

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