Firefly Online announced

In the first of a zillion or so news announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, we present the teaser trailer for “Firefly Online,” a social MMORPG targeted to mobile devices. The game’s Web site is at, but it’s being hammered (not Captain Hammer) and may take a while to load.


5 replies on “Firefly Online announced”

  1. My response is neutral. +100 for “More Firefly” but -100 for the inevitable d-bag overrun so common to MMO games.

  2. octa says:

    I can only imagine a hot pile of garbage. These social mobile games tend to be grind fests geared towards micro transactions rather than anything fulfilling as a video game.

    Would love to see another movie or an anime or something. The i.p. has so much potential.

  3. Fez says:

    MMO, to me, usually means Massive Moneygrab & Oppression. Especially with “social” aspects.

    I’ve seen quite a few “social” games that died unexpectedly due to mismanagement and over-reliance on annoying friends and pushing paid content. People get tired of it and just stop playing. You either have to grind so much you stop caring about the game and it loses its fun, or you have to pay more to play at the same level. I doubt this will be much better, so I’ll probably not sully the memory of Firefly by playing it.

    I never did play the Stargate MMO either, despite my love for Stargate, for similar reasons…

    • I thought the Stargate MMO was canceled, and its code recycled into some sort of single-player FPS. Did I miss something?

      • Fez says:

        I never did keep up on it. I saw some commercials, got disappointed that it was an MMO, and tried to ignore it after that (*lalalala, not listening, not getting my money, lalalala*)

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