Comic Review – Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 1

It’s been a while since I reviewed an OEL manga (specifically, Svetlana Chmakova’s Nightschool). So, it’s about time I took a look at another another work – Amazing Agent Luna from Seven Seas Entertainment.

General Information

Title: Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 1
Written by Christina Weir & Nunzio DeFilippis
Art by Shiei
Contains “Amazing Agent Luna” volumes 1-3 (ch. 1-16)
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment

Available from

The Premise

Luna is a 15-year old girl engineered from birth to be a super-spy. While investigating the embassy of evil dictator Count Von Brucken of the European country of Latveria Bruckenwald, Luna discovers that Brucken is collecting information on the student body of Noble High, the private high school attended by the children of UN dignitaries and employees. Her handlers decide to have her go undercover at the school to find out why Brucken is up to. There’s just one problem – Luna has had little social interaction outside of covert ops. How well will a mostly unsocialized adolescent created to be a super-spy handle high school?

High Points

Luna’s difficulties coping with high school are very well written.

Low Points

Noble High appears kind of… small. Clique wise we only see two cliques – the Popular Clique which is made up of three Mean Girls, and the Outsiders, which is made up of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Luna and her friends.

Also, considering Luna is supposed to be a super-spy, her lack of social skills seems to be a liability in that regard. You’d think a good super-spy would be able to move in multiple social circles, and be fluent in a variety of languages (sort of like Jason Bourne or Michael Westin). Luna’s lack of these skills comes across as very jarring.


Originality: The concepts are somewhat derivative, but it doesn’t make the work less enjoyable. 4/6.

Artwork: The art has interesting shifts between a (literally) flowery Shojo art style for the scenes at school, and something unfortunately more generic for the action scenes. 3/6.

Story: The story is certainly interesting, and Luna makes for an interesting mix between Peter Parker and Sousuke Sagara. 4/6

Characterization: Luna & her circle of friends are fleshed out well. The peripheral cast (particularly the teachers and the Popular Clique) are incredibly two-dimensional. 4/6

Emotional Response: I empathize well with Luna & Doctor Collins (one of Luna’s handlers), but some of the other characters I considered too annoying to like, or too bland to care about. 4/6

Flow: 6/6

Overall: I certainly enjoyed the story, enough for me to want to read volume 4, but I can’t say I’d call this series great. 4/6

In total, Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus 1 gets 29/42.

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  1. Yes. Fun series, but a spy who doesn’t fit in? Was she suppose to receive additional training that was cut short because of this situation?

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