The format of the Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament has been chosen by you guys, the readers. The results can be seen in detail here. We will not break the tournament down by season or episode, looking only at whole series. As before, Bureau 42 authors will come up with a starter list of shows, and wildcards can be submitted by the voters. The tournament will still be 42 weeks. The only real difference between this and the movie tournaments are in scale (half as many titles to start with, so that “round one” will have 8 movies per week instead of 16) and the use of mandatory unique identifiers to provide more statistical analysis. (Those identifiers can be anything provided it won’t be duplicated, and they won’t be seen publicly. They’ll be used solely to correlate votes from a single voter across multiple weeks. With sufficient statistics, we may turn it into a recommendations engine, so that we’ll have a sidebar that lets you say “I like A, B and C, what else should I check out?” and get useful answers.) Once we assemble the starting list of titles, we’ll post a start date for the tournament and get the ball rolling.