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  1. I think he could work as Batman– I liked him better than most as Daredevil. However, I’m adopting a “wait and see” regarding the notion of a seasoned, older Batman encountering a younger Superman.

    • Maybe but I’m not sure he has the intensity or darkness necessary. Feels a little too George Clooney to me.

  2. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. He’s a comic geek who has had a decade of directing experience and retrospection to learn from “Daredevil.” It’s a more promising choice than Michael Keaton was, and that turned out fine.

  3. I … don’t think I like it.

    Even ignoring Daredevil, I don’t see him having the right persona for it.

    I’ll still see the movie either way, but I’m now wondering if they want to make us dislike Batman from the get-go, even from the casting choice.

    • The Comic-Con promo also relied heavily on evoking Dark Knight Returns– but that encounter works because of the established, understood relationship between the characters. And studio execs have demonstrated once or twice in the past that their heads can be Into Darkness when it comes to understanding why an element of a franchise works emotionally.

      And they don’t even have a script yet.

  4. Not too thrilled with this choice, but willing to take a wait-and-see approach to it.

    • I can only assume that was spread by Marvel.

      Fanboys are investing more emotion in this Ben Affleck-Batman thing than I have in entire relationships.–Misty Harris

  5. Wait and see for me too, although my reaction the announcement was pretty much a “Meh! Another superhero flick…” anyway.

    Simple fact is there have been a huge number of superhero movies of late and I’m finding that they are starting to blur together because of the many, sometimes inevitable, similarities between them. When the current fad for this sub-genre started I went to see every movie, now I’m down to maybe one in five or six and that figure isn’t improving. It’s going to have to have to get some awesome reviews before I’ll even consider going to see it, and “amazing special effects popcorn-fest” isn’t going to do it; that’s the crux of my issue.

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