Superman / Batman Trailer

Okay, this is a fan fake, but it could just work…. C’mon! We know the real one’s coming. Who and what do you want to see?

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  1. Aquaman: Chris Hemsworth
    Green Arrow: Stephen Amell
    (They’re going to bring Flash and Black Canary onto the show, so use those versions. Arrow can be DC’s Agents of Shield)
    Wonder Woman: Angelina Jolie
    Cyborg: John Boyega
    Green Lantern: Wait until people forget the last movie to introduce this character.

  2. I went back and watched Dare Devil and Hollywoodland as a result of this. The problems with the Dare Devil movie are not really related to Ben Affleck’s performance but a really bad script. Bulls Eye’s motivation was that “He Made Me Miss” just doesn’t work. Also the link between Elektra’s father and the King Pin is not fleshed out so we don’t care about him when he dies.

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