Arrow Discussion: “City of Heroes”

Ollie returns to Starling City (again), as Arrow fires off a volley of hints about Season Two. You don’t have to pay attention to DC nerd tweets to know that Black Canary will be turning up this year– but can the Arrow’s established world support Flash, who will also be running through, on the way to his own series? And will this be Summer’s season?

So sign in and play the game! What did you make of “City of Heroes”?

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  1. I enjoyed the episode, though at least for me, most of the memorable/enjoyable moments involved Felicity.

    Thea does seem to have grown up quite a bit, which is good.

    Hopefully Summer Glau sticks around for a while. Given her history and the nature of this show, she’s probably also some sort of super-villainess.

    If IMDB is right, the identity of Black Canary is a bit of a surprise Sara Lance, supposedly dead in the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit but whether or not it’s really her remains to be seen.

    Low point for me: “Thea’s been kidnapped” … “I have to go check something downstairs” … Then he disappears and then a the bad guys show up tied up in a bow for Officer Lance. Not suspicious timing at all.

    I’m still hooked, I’m eager to see where this season goes and what the long arc might be. It’s definitely among the top of the list of shows I actually look forward to watching every week.

    Site note: The Tomorrow People was OK. I’m not entirely sold, since the concept is very similar to other shows/movies/comics past and present (X-Men, 4400, Alphas, Heroes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could even fall into that category…). I’m still giving it a few weeks to see where it lands.

  2. Hey I was going to send in a review. Ok, probably.

    I agree with Fez – Felicity was definitely the high point of this episode. I hope they continue making her part larger. Also I hope that in-universe she’s been promoted to the CTO of Queen Industries or something.

    I hardly recognised Summer Glau. She looks like an adult. She does kinda default to looking angry… and she didn’t kick anyone’s butt! Or did she?…

    I’m slightly disappointed that he went from a recurve bow to a compound bow. I love my recurve bow! I suck at it but that’s besides the point!

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