Arrow Discussion: “Identity”

Ollie takes on China White and Bronze Tiger as he takes on more of his own identity.

Thoughts? Opinions? Questions about the villains’ plot?

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  1. * Felicity as a Secretary seems a strech, but is filled with hilarity. He could name her CTO, CIO or a similar C-level title and probably keep her just as close, but there would be less coffee jokes.

    * Needs more trick arrows. A better response to the “No kill shot?” remark from Bronze Tiger would have been a boxing glove arrow to the head. Why not?

    * Grooming JacksonRoy to be a source rather than another vigilante (at least for now) is a good idea, but I’m not sure how well he’ll stick to that role.

    * The “back entrance” joke to Thea makes me wonder how long before she notices the discrepancy in the bills to account for the power and such going to the lair.

    * I am really curious about how the cliffhanger will be resolved, because I highly doubt he’ll actually end up captured. My money is currently on Black Canary swooping in and causing a ruckus to get him out.

    • Secretary is a lot more plausible (and less suspicious) than C*O. We all joke about useless CTOs or CIOs but they do have actual jobs, she wasn’t even a manager, Oliver has actively worked as the CEO since he got back, I can’t see how Felicity would plausibly pull off a CTO cover.

      And CEO to the secretary would be a pretty good salary, even if she’s overtrained it could still look like a promotion.

  2. I’m fairly angry at making Felicity a secretary. Coffee jokes or not, that’s plain stupid and I have a hard time believing she’d go for that. I mean, one day this will all be over and she’ll want to go on with her life, and having “Personal Assistant” on her resume is NOT going to play very well…

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