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  1. My lack of DC knowledge is showing here, but should I know who Blood is?

    The episode was pretty good. A lot of things were revealed (Canary’s Identity, Laurel’s problems, etc) and it had some good moments.

    The only real low point to speak of was the actress that plays Black Canary, there’s something odd about the way she talks and holds her mouth. Maybe it’s just something she’s doing for the character, but it seems like she’s about to cry at any given moment.

    • He’s a sort of cult leader type in the DCU. He usually shows up in Teen Titans. Not typically a Green Arrow villain, but they also seem to have nabbed some Batman rogue’s gallery for this series.

  2. I think Star City’s police department received the same training as Imperial Storm Troopers. 3 guys standing in the back of a stationary pickup truck, numerous cops with their guns drawn aiming at them and they still miss.

      • It’s those red blaster rifles, I swear they’re pieces of crap, but the Empire won’t listen, they just keep churning them out. Only someone who has never handled a blaster before would aim in the wrong place just right so it would actually hit the target…

        Maybe the police on Arrow have a similar firearms problem.

        • Dammit, I came up with a plausible explanation.

          A lot of the veteran police officers died in the earthquake. These guys are all newbie police officers.

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