Arrow Discussion: “League of Assassins”

We get Black Canary flashbacks this week, and a familiar face joins the team prosecuting Moira.

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  1. The rogues gallery seems to be Bats however considering the first version of Green Arrow was a direct clone of Batman and that Batmans villains are among the most recognisable in the DCU this makes sense. The League of [strikethrough]Shadows[/strikethrough]Assassins would be in other heroes faces from time to time.

    I’m sorta frustrated with the Island back story. I was on an island for 5 years and then well I really wasn’t there the whole time but experimented on by Raas al Ghul[/spolier]?

  2. For a show that seems to spill secrets faster than TEPCO can spill radioactive material, I wonder how long it will be until Laurel finds out about the Canary. Ofc. Lance is really in a jam now, but at least one of them knows.

    Getting Sara flashbacks is interesting but so far there seems to be even more gaps in hers than in Oliver’s. I think the actress was better this week than last, but she also had a bit more to work with.

    Once the LoA (Al Ow-Al) guy grabbed an arrow, I figured he’s end up holding an electrified arrow and end up knocked out, but it seems like the trick arrows aren’t flying as often as I’d like.

    Was I the only one who thought they were pronouncing Al Ow-Al as “LOL” every time they said it?

    Did they dance around Talia’s name for legal reasons? (“The child of Ra’s al Ghul” they mentioned)

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