Duke Nukem – Big Screen Bound

Yahoo! News is reporting that Dimension Films has bought the rights to produce a movie version of Duke Nukem. I personally enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D and have been waiting an eternity (along with other Nukem fans) for Duke Nukem 4Ever.

Any thoughts as to who could play our man Duke? And no votes for Bruce Campell. Most of Duke’s lines were spoofs of him anyways!

3 replies on “Duke Nukem – Big Screen Bound”

  1. Aww…

    But I wanted to vote for Bruce Campbell!

    How about Steven Snedden? He’s not in quite the same shape as Duke, but he could bulk up. (It would work well for his character on The Lone Gunmen, too.)

  2. Who could play our man Duke?
    How about Howie Long (that football/radio shack guy) he has the size, the bulk AND the hair cut. He just has to learn to talk nasty like the Duke-man. Actually we need Bruce Campbell’s brain in Howies body.

  3. Why Not?
    Just Because Is Was Written For Bruce Campell, Why Can’t He Be The Star?

    And Failing Him, How About David Boreanez (SP? TV’s Angel, From The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spin-off), He’s Good, Even If He Might Sound A Bit To Happy Uttering Some Of Duke’s Lines. Also, How about good Old Arnold Shwartzenspelledwrong? He’s Falled Far Enough Off The Hollywood Ladder He Might End Up A Fair Choice.

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