Star Wars comics moving to Marvel

In news that surprises virtually nobody, the Star Wars comic license is moving from Dark Horse to Marvel. When Disney bought Marvel, people predicted that Marvel would publish Disney comics, even though Boom! had the license at the time. Disney allowed the deal with Boom! to expire without renewal, and then migrated the titles over, although we’ve seen less product on the shelves since then. Similarly, when Disney bought Star Wars, people expected those comics to move as well. It’s official as of today: when the deal with Dark Horse expires later in 2014, it will not be renewed, and the line will move to Marvel. There has been no word on whether the existing continuity established by Dark Horse will be used. Personally, I expect that’s really up to J. J. Abrams, and that Marvel’s publications in the first year will be tied to whatever continuity the new movies choose to employ, and/or reprints of their classic Star Wars product. Can someone check on Chad and make sure he’s okay?

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  1. Well, Marvel’s classic Star Wars series has an early issue that makes Anakin and Darth Vader separate people. They presented Jabba the Hutt as a yellow walrusfaced humanoid (until Jedi), and deviate from retroactively-established canon in lots of others way, so Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilms might not do too much with those.

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