3 replies on “Movie Discussion: I, Frankenstein”

  1. lost says:

    I wonder how much of the box office disappointment is due to the fact that the marketing types failed? I mean, I hadn’t actually seen a trailer for the movie until the other day, or at least not one that gave me any clue what it was about. Were they banking on the “Frankenstein” name, perhaps?

    • Fez says:

      I saw the trailer all over the place. It was on before Ender’s Game and The Hunger Games and it was all over TV the last few months. It looks decent but just not a movie I’d want to see in the theater right now.

      The weather may have something to do with low numbers, but probably more quality (or lack thereof) – It’s currently at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, and even the viewer score is only 56%. I’ve been known argue the critic scores being low as something that can be ignored, but if both the critics and the viewers didn’t like it that’s much harder to look past.

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      The time of year they chose to release it makes me wonder, too. Perhaps they made it with the sense of, “well, it’s a graphic novel and it has action, and those have been doing well the last few years.”

      Has anyone actually watched this movie?

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