The Olympics may be getting most of the sports coverage—but can luge compare with…

Robot Soccer from Japan?

Maybe Back to the Future won’t land too far off the mark

I always feel like this should be bigger news, but it will remain just another Newspace for awhile longer. In any case, scientists at the Nuclear Ignition Facility in California have taken another tiny step towards the fusion reactor.

In a related story, Space Precinct might return

NASA has apparently solved the puzzle of the jelly doughnut rock on Mars.

The other announcement that surprised nobody

Toxic chemicals may be responsible for increased rates of neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

The more-publicized announcement, Reject Superheroes, and Cosplay, below.

Ellen Page, star of past and future genre films, made the most surprising and unexpected announcement by a Canadian celebrity since k.d. lang came out:


Several Youtubers joined forces this week to create a series of Reject Superhero speed-dating encounters for Valentines. You can start here:

This week’s cosplay vid comes from last week’s London Anime and Gaming Con:


*I applaud her decision, particularly given the attention discrimination against the LGBTQ community has received recently due to the Sochi Olympics and Kansas’s pro-discrimination law (never mind the long-standing oppression faced by gay and lesbian people elsewhere in the world). I just found it surprising that the announcement surprised anyone.

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  1. Ellen Page announced she was a lesbian? Okay, who had “Valentines Day, 2014” in the betting pool for when that was supposed to happen?

    • The foreground people are hoverskate types, and you’re probably not one of those. The background people are unmistakeably cosplaying “what people in the 1980s thought the future would be like.”

      So you’re likely pretty safe.

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