3 replies on “Marvel Netflix Series get Green Light”

  1. Hope they do a good job on them.

    $200 mil / 4 series / 3 years = ~$16.67 mil per show per season, or just over $1 mil per episode for a 13-episode run. That seems a bit low, but I guess we’ll see how they do.

    Meanwhile, Sony is planning to plop out a Spider-Man related movie every year. I don’t see how that could be sustainable.

    • That’s $200 mil for a total of 60 episodes, or $3,333,333.33 per episode. That’s the highest budget on record for on location shooting in New York. Low compared to the first season of a Star Trek, making every set from scratch, but extremely high for a street level hero series. It also implies Defenders will be at least 8 episodes, since there is a 60 episode minimum and each of the others is a 13 episode run.

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