TV Discussion: Cosmos and Resurrection

Sunday March 9 saw the first episodes of a reboot of a classic science show and an adaptation of a fantasy novel. Which did you watch?

(The Walking Dead, of course, will be reviewed Monday.)

High Points

No one can truly replace Carl Sagan, but new Cosmos has a worthy host, impressive effects, and the twisted joy of seeing Neil de Grasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, Brannon Braga, and Seth MacFarlane in the same credits.

Tyson refers to Giordano Bruno’s persecution and execution by the Inquisition as “martyrdom.” The term reveals an obvious bias– and thank the cosmos for that! In a society sick with anti-science, we need more media in defense of reason and inquiry. I am a young teen again, eyes wide as Cosmos explores the mysteries of the universe.

Low Point

What were the networks thinking? Even in the age of the PVR, what inspired anyone to schedule Resurrection opposite The Walking Dead and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey?

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  1. I really liked part 1 of Cosmos. I’d never heard of Giordano Bruno, and it was nice for him to get a biography, as he’s one of the early scientific thinkers who tends to get overlooked in favor of Galileo and Copernicus.

    • Galileo and Copernicus were scientists. Bruno, as the show noted, speculated astutely.

      The Institution took him down as much for his unconventional religious views as for his concept of the universe. (Of course, this fact does not make his persecution/execution any less abominable).

      (Comment reconstructed after weird accidental deletion)

  2. I enjoyed it, I thought the fact that the “spaceship” stage looked like an eye was a nice touch (iris above, pupil below)
    Looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

  3. This. And I’m watching it with my 9 year old daughter who was ecstatic to find out that when we illustrate time with a calendar, she and the Milky Way galaxy were both born on March 15.

    • What is her name? I would enjoy doing a birthday greeting to “the Milky Way and Ogre’s Daughter” in next weekend’s Newspace post.

      • That would be awesome! Her name is Emmaleigh and according to her, Cosmos is the “GREATEST SHOW EVER!” once she saw that. Put her name up and and B42 might be her greatest website ever.

  4. Bonus chaos: If you’re in Canada, Continuum returns next Sunday– opposite Walking Dead, Resurrection, and Cosmos.

    I suspect the reviews/discussion will be posted later in the week.

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