Monday Morning Nerderback

We’ll have a review of The Walking Dead up later today, and one of the Continuum Season Three premiere later this week. The weekend also brought us more Cosmos, Resurrection, Bitten, Once Upon a Time….

Does anyone want to discuss the weekend in genre television?

5 replies on “Monday Morning Nerderback”

  1. The wife and I started watching Continuum over the Winter and we’re caught up now, but it doesn’t start here in the US for a couple more weeks. Looking forward to that for sure.

    We still watch Once Upon a Time but it’s been very lacking the last season or so. They starting doing some long arcs which is good, but I haven’t found the last couple long arcs all that enjoyable, which is not so good.

    Haven’t watched Cosmos yet, it’s waiting on the DVR.

    • There’s a question.

      I want to get the first ep review up this week, but I could delay the others.
      How many people watch Continuum?
      How many are
      -UK or other?

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