Star Wars: Episodes 4-6 on DVD

The news is
. Star Wars: Episodes 4, 5, and 6 will be released
on DVD in September 2004. Rumour has it that Lucas
has been modifying the Special Edition trilogy even further,
but there’s no confirmation about which edition this will be.

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  1. …about time!!
    \o⁄  ⁄o\  \o⁄  ⁄o\

    Happy dance

    Having done my wee dance, I have to say that if there is to be a new version (again) of the movies then I would really like there to be an option to see the different cuts of the movies: such as orginal version (the cleaned up one), the special edition and, if Lucas has changed it, the new one.

    That being said, I do think that it would be a lot better idea just to leave the heck alone. As judging by I and II he may try and get Jar Jar (or other random stupidty) into them somehow… oh no, horrible thought, Jar Jar meets the Ewoks… aaaaarrgh!!

    • Re: …about time!!
      *sigh* I’m pretty much resigned to the imminent jarjar-ification of the original trilogy. George Lucas has shown time and again that he is a egocentric jerk who cares nothing about the fans or the Star Wars legacy. The only way to get the real trilogy on DVD at this point would be to A) perpetrate an armed coup at Skywalker Ranch, or B) burn a DVD-R of an old VHS or Laserdisc copy (which reminds me, gotta add DVD-R to my christmas list…)

      • Re: …about time!!

        Dammit, I want the cheap werewolf-mask aliens put back in the Mos Eisley cantina!

        And maybe the “Star Wars Kid” inserted among the Ewoks.

  2. in other news…
    …the world will end in August 2004 due to the core of the earth freezing over.

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