Book Review – “Knight Life”

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Title: Knight Life
Author: Peter David

Original Publication Date: (Revised Edition) June 2003

ISBN: 0441010776


(From A New York
mayoral election takes an unexpected turn when a new,
independent candidate appears on the scene, running on a
platform of common sense, humor, and knightly virtues. Assisted
by his advisers, a ten-year-old boy genius named Merlin, an
immortal accountant known as Percival, and a troubled young
woman called Gwen, the newcomer, who calls himself Arthur
Penn, proceeds to take the town by storm until the arrival of a
pair of old enemies threatens to re-create the tragedy of the
Arthurian legend.

High Point

So many to chose
from… Any of Arthur’s polliticking scenes are excellent.

Low Point

“Morgan? will you spank

The Scores

Originality: Hard to judge.
Peter David has actually revised a book he wrote back in 1987.
The “Arthur returns at the time he’s most needed” concept has
been a staple in fiction, but the “stanger in a strange time”
elements are more unique. Have to give it a 4 out of 6

Imagery: Being a native NYer many of the places
mentioned described are places I have frequented. Peter gets
the descriptions dead on. 5 out of 6

Story: Predictable at
points, but well told. One of Peter’s specialities in the Trek and
comic universes is the go through the years of history pulling
what’s needed and fixing whatever continuity he can. He seems
to have done this with some success taking elements from
Mallory, White and tradional Arthurian legend. Keeping in mind
that this is “brain candy” and not full fledged literature. 5 out of

Characterization: Peter really nails the portrayal of the
traditional Arthurian characters. Arthur’s unconventional stand on
the issues are what you’d expect of a former king who’s been in
isolation for 1000 years. Characters he has added like Elvis,
Buddy, and the other mayoral canditates are believable and
consistant. 6 out of 6

Emotional Response: I laughed a
good deal of the book, felt for the major characters, etc. Have to
go with 5 out of 6

Editing: This story is of the perfect
length. It seems to flow from chapter to chapter without missing a
beat. 5 out of 6

Overall: Even though it was “brain
candy”, I highly enjoyed this book. It’s one of the more
entertaining read I’ve had in a while. 6 out of 6

Total: 36
out of 42