Arrow Discussion: “Seeing Red”

…with maybe a little bit of review.

This week, Roy goes on a Mirakuru-induced rampage, Sin makes a welcome return to her supporting role, the flashbacks turn to YA drama, and a major character dies.

Okay, I’m really busy this week. In place of a formal review, I present a few thoughts:

The acting is generally good, and the plotting works. The dialogue still runs towards Camembert. Strange as news from brie.

Still, Sara learns more about herself as Roy goes on a rampage that may presage the season finale, but otherwise develops very little of the arc. The real shock occurs in the final ten minutes.

Any bets on when Ollie’s illegitimate child reappears?

Please! Let us hear your reviews.

9 replies on “Arrow Discussion: “Seeing Red””

  1. Holy hell. The cliffhanger wasn’t a cliffhanger and it won’t magically all get better next week. I’m impressed, but dammit things better start looking up sometime soon! This is getting depressing!

    • What are the odds that Ollie secretly injects her with Mirakuru and she pops back up, Malcom-style?

  2. Oh and Ollie’s child (assuming that girl didn’t have an abortion) is (at most) 7 years old, so I’m not too worried about it.

  3. For some reason this episode, aside from the last few minutes, felt like filler. “Hey we’re approaching the finale too fast, slow down” type filler. Next week looks better. Nice to see from the preview that they couldn’t bring themselves to hide Summer Glau’s entire face behind a mask.

    My high point: Roy actually did some damage that wasn’t magically healed, and the events from the very end aren’t going to be hand-waved away or explained by a motorcycle accident.

    My low point: Maybe I missed it, but there really wasn’t a solid explanation for Roy’s behavior aside from “Because Mirakuru” which seemed out of place. Yes, he ended up with a Scorpius of his very own (a la Slade’s Shado) but why?

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