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  1. I still love the universe and the concept. In retrospect, I think the biggest problem with the prequels is that George Lucas had too much control. “Too much control” doesn’t describe the writer or director of any movie ever to come out of Disney. Similarly, the biggest issues with Abrams’ Star Trek is that they are too much like Star Wars, which shouldn’t be a problem for the Star Wars franchise. I’m cautiously optimistic, and looking forward to the trailers.

  2. Here’s a question this doesn’t answer: why is the population so predominantly male in this world? Was the birth of the twins complicated in episode III because their females are meant to give birth to larger litters? Do the women usually live that much longer? Either the storytelling is sexist or we’re looking at a fundamentally different biology here.

    • Lucas set the tone by making the original a kind of “Boy’s Own” adventure– with, at least, a feisty princess. I suspect they’re following suit, in a kind of sexist inertia.

  3. I’m wondering if any of the Solo children are left in this “re-imagining” of the story. Daisy Ridley could certainly pass for a child of Han and Leia, but I’m not sure about the others.

  4. They did explain it, sorta. An army of Clones increased the male population. Men, specifically Jango/Boba Fetts, were artificially produced and injected into the population.

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