Arrow Discussion: “Streets of Fire”

The battle is on! Team Arrow emerge as genuine heroes in the eyes of Starling City, characters die, fires burn, and the title gets stolen from 1984’s most noteworthy Rock-n-roll SF exploitation flick…

Let’s hear your opinion on the penultimate episode of this season.

I’m running a charity auction Thursday and paneling at a Con on the weekend; full-fledged reviews will resume next week.

(The movie, of course, stole its title from a Springsteen song Universal couldn’t get the rights to use. Arrow may lack the film’s visual style, but it is arguably superior in most other respects).

5 replies on “Arrow Discussion: “Streets of Fire””

  1. The ridiculousness of Sara’s costume was front and center today. Dad must be blind and forgetful. Laurel said she was with Sara, he shows up and it’s just Laurel, and then there’s Canary. 2+2=2 apparently in his world.

    The rest was pretty good. No real high point except River TamSummer Glau kicking ass and taking a decent hit.

    • Yeah… The disguise that would fool no one may be a comic book convention, and we’re watching a fairly stylized show, but I really wish they’d do something more with the costumes.

      My question: will we see a Canary switch? Laurel is stepping up her game.

    • I don’t think there’s any implication that he doesn’t know and/or forgot. I figured they were playing it up for everyone else around. But yeah, the costume is silly.. and I feel illy not knowing that was a wig!

    • He already knows Sara is the Canary, I think she came out to him within an episode of her showing up.

      There’s even hints that he knows Oliver is the Arrow but is trying really hard to remain ignorant.

      • Yes, he knows, but Laurel doesn’t know that he knows that, and he doesn’t know that Laurel knows she’s the Canary either. Unless that happened unmentioned off-screen or I forgot about it… That’s what makes the ridiculousness extra special.

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