Farscape: “I’ll Be Back”

writes, According to this (very short on details) article
on Ain’t It Cool News, Farscape is back in production with
4-6 new episodes.

Start planning your Farscape parties now. The Cinescape
says that this is a miniseries independent of
Sci-Fi channel rather than a new season, but it’s still good

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  1. vague recollections
    Didn’t they say, a while back, that they would try to at least make a
    miniseries to wrap things up (it ended on a “to be continued” right?).

    So don’t get your hopes up for the long run, but its nice of them to not
    give up on the fans just because their distributor did.

  2. idd this is the best news in months on SciFi
    Indeed, this news is the best news I can think of in months.

    That they are at least continuing and rounding off one of the best cliff hangers ever is great! I am already anticipating this, especially considering all the bad *cough* scifi *cough* shows that are now on, but barely deserve the name.

    Star Trek Enterprise has indeed taken a turn to the good side, let’s consider the previous 2 seasons as ‘character building’, but there is no show that can come close to Farscape when story arcs and continuity over different episodes and seasons are considered.

    Farscape is still lonely at the top… I don’t expect anything to change that anytime soon.

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