Firefly DVD Website And Deals Now Up

writes, I wanted to pass on a couple of good things
I’ve heard about the Firefly DVD, which is of course
scheduled to be released on December 9. First, the
official FOX DVD website is now up at
. Second, I’ve read
reports that if you go to a brick-and-mortar Suncoast Video
store (NOT their website) that you can preorder the entire
Firefly 4-DVD set for only $19.95. Rumor has it that their
internal store database currently has it listed as a 1 DVD
rather than 4 DVD set, which accounts for the low, low
preorder price (normally $39.95 and up). Naturally, you’d
be nuts not to preorder many, many copies at this price if
true. Check it out at your local mall.
It’s the
second item on my Christmas list (behind the four-disk set
of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.)

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    • Re: The site

      Argh! Damn flash sites, what is this, 1999?

      Fox, when will you learn?

      Straight… up. Flash is really starting to chafe me lately. Seeing a Flash site instead of a well-executed (d)HTML/CSS2 site is akin to seeing a 35-year-old man wearing a Members Only jacket.

      But – on topic – this is great news and I hope the sales are phenomenal to send a message to Fox. I know one thing me mum’s probably gettin’ for the holidays (she was a big fan of the show once they started showing the better eps).

  1. May the Fox executives be castrated by wild boars!
    I don’t know if this is at all acurate of if its the result of obviously
    drunken web designers, but the site lists the episodes on the discs and
    The Train Job is first, again!

    Fox execs eat babies…

  2. Price not binding
    At suncoast the preorder price is non-binding. You basically buy a gift
    certificate good for only one item in the amount you put down. I have
    pre-ordered several titles, that were a different price when I went to pick
    them up (though they were cheaper, so I didn’t complain) and the
    pre-order slip was simply used as an amount deducted from the total.

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