Tarzan Discussion – “For Love of Country”

The pentultimate episode of Tarzan airs tonight. This one is also
the shortest running Tarzan adaptation by the looks of it. Does
anyone here remember the shows from 1966 or 1991? Is this
really the worst, or is it just in a more demanding market?

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  1. Its just another Tarzan
    I don’t think that its about being the worst, but about not being the best.

    First of all, we here know that the network execs like nothing more than
    to cancel shows, I think that’s why they go for these jobs: To fire people.
    So the fact that this iteration didn’t last as long as it predecessors is
    because of a trend in TV execs and not solely because of its own guilt.

    Also, the show was advertised as a supernatural thing, but then its
    Tarzan. We know Tarzan, everyone knows Tarzan, we all know that
    being raised by monkeys doesn’t give you supernatural powers. So they
    shot themselves n the foot by messing with a classic.

    Then there was the hype, wich was all about the “hot new star”. So that’s
    all there is to talk about? The abs of the star? Nothing about the
    characters or anything? The entire show’s sucess rest on the blond guy’s
    rock-hard six pack? Funny, I’m not a girl, and I’m not gay, so I’m not
    watching this show. Wanna bet I’m not alone?

    Speaking of the star, man, the jungle air sure does wonders for that hair
    and complexion. Pretty boy never had a scratch in his life, and he’s
    supposed to be a tough guy? Suuuure…

    But, most of all, it was just another Tarzan. It doesn,t have to be worst
    than its predecessors to fail, it only has to be average. There was
    special about that one. The Disney Tarzan had some neat meshing of 2D
    and 3D animation, that rollerbladin’n skateboardin’ feel to lure in the
    xtreme teens (to the max!), a very interresting design, making it visually
    unique and distinguinshing it from the rest. That Tarzan show looked
    like any run of the mill cop show, with a barefooted guy in it. I kept
    stumbling on the show and trying to figure out if it was a Law & Order or
    a CSI until I heard “Greystoke” or saw Tarzan and lost interest.

    • Re: Its just another Tarzan
      I think that nails it overall pretty well, though I think they were working on developing an interesting story. But you just don’t have time to do that these days.

      This episode was one of the worst of the series though, and in particular, really hit a hot button: she’s a *cop* for chrissakes! *she*, of all people, will know that taking the license plate off does squat for hiding the registration. And what’s this nonsense about “engine number”? Cars have had VINs for decades now, and that’s what would have been used. Overall, it’s really a minor point I know, but does the writer know absolutely nothing about cars? It’s really annoying when such obvious things are wrong. And I should think she’d know that refusing a ride from the sheriff will just set off his curiousity. Better to have just been out on a walk and know nothing about the car.

      Oh well, I guess it’s one less thing to waste my time on…

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